Food Sensitivity, Vitamins & Gut Health Test

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five star reviews on the plus intolerance test from advanced food intolerance labs


Over 1000+ specific items tested:

Eggs & Meats
Fish & Seafood
Lactose, A-Lactalbumin, B-Lactalbumin
Dairy, Cheeses & Milks
Vegan Grains
Seeds & Nuts
Cooking Oils & Fats
Sugars (Diabetic & Non-Diabetic)
Cruciferous, Root, Nightshade & Leaf Vegetables
Citrus, Berries, Exotic, Stone & Melon Fruit
Spirits, Liquors, Beer & Wine
Vitamin D
Vitamin B-Complex
Vitamin A, C, E & K
Calcium & Magnesium (Bone & Teeth Health)
Biotin, Zinc & Selenium (Hair & Nail Health)
Omega 3 & 6 (Heart Health)
DHA, EPA & COQ-10 (Brain Health)
Metal Toxicity (Skin, Aging & Complexion)
Toxicity Level (Detox Requirements)
Household Product Toxicity
Fabric Sensitivity (Skin Health)
Animal Sensitivity
Flower, Tree & Shrub Sensitivity
Candida & Yeast Strains
Gut Biome (Friendly Bacteria)
Gut Bacteria Strains & Levels
Digestive Enzyme Levels

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What our clients say about the Premium Test

Extremely fast turn around and the information was very helpful and also confirmed a suspected source of inflammation. It wasn't just in my mind that my job was making me sick lol


I have lots of food sensitivities but never had a lab test. This was a quick and easy process. I have been having headaches in at about the same time each day and was trying to figure out what was causing them. A few days ago I received my report which noted Manganese as a red item. I decided to not take my usual Magnesium wafer (even though it was not manganese per se). So far my usual mysterious headache has not appeared when I skip the supplement. Maybe it's possible my supplement was defective or made with the wrong formula of too much manganese? Either way I do prefer not to get headaches. Other surprises were Vanilla. Glad I got this test.


Communication was great, test was very simple to submit, results came fast, great support. I would recommend it!


Results? Extremely perceptive, detailed and helpful. Thanks to AFIL, I have discovered specific nutritional deficiencies and made changes to my daily supplementation! A game changer? Maybe a life saver! So impressed I've ordered two more--one for me (to determine if I've made progress) and one for my beloved husband. Just my opinion but I think this would make an awesome gift for anyone you love!


Great! They did what they said they would and we got our results quickly. We can't wait to see how it possibly helps us!


Received in few days the test results. Surprised by learning about few of them… I am a scientist therefore the clinical studies make mostly impact on my belief. However, I just have previously the lactose and fructose tests that came out negative …I wanted to learn about more details /my digestive intolerance, therefore tried the Advanced Food Labs. Good so far, I will look into a diet. Thanks !


I have always wanted to learn more about sensitivities I may have to certain foods. I purchased from Advanced Food Intolerance Labs and received a very detailed report broken down into categories to make it simpler to read. Along with that report there was further information on how to help you with the ones that showed up in red (high sensitivity). I plan on bringing my report to my endocrinologist to discuss my iodine level being very low and the impact it has on my thyroid as it constantly seems to be fluctuating. Very good company to work with and I was well pleased with the quick turn around!

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I highly recommend trying this out, this was such a cool and eye opening experience! I learned so much about my body and how food intolerances work, I had no idea! I followed their advice on my diet and I lost 15 pounds over the course of two months, without even trying. Tons of info provided & great support team.


Update from my first review…. Once we got the email and sample instructions straight this process was super easy and fast. I had my results in less than a week. They were easy to ready and understand. I would recommend!


Easy to follow instructions. Quick results with actual information you can apply to life. Tells you exactly which foods to avoid, moderate or eat more of. Also shows what important nutrients you are lacking & what environmental things to avoid. Most results correspond with information we already knew- like my proven allergies so I do trust there is some science to this testing.


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