Food Sensitivity & Vitamins Test

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five star reviews on the plus intolerance test from advanced food intolerance labs

The at-home Plus test measures your body’s cellular response to over 750+ items, helping you with your elimination diet.

 350+ Foods & Drinks
environmental and household toxins test  350+ Environmental & Household Toxins & 40+ Heavy Metals
vitamins minerals and fatty acids deficiency test  64+ Vitamins, Minerals & Fatty Acid deficiencies
    hair sample for intolerance test Hair sample required (10 strands of hair)
    Pre-paid return envelope included
    3 business days Results turnaround

    750+ specific items tested from the following groups:

    Eggs & Meats

    Fish & Seafood

    Lactose, A-Lactalbumin, B-Lactalbumin

    Dairy, Cheeses & Milks




    Cereals & Vegan Grains

    Seeds & Nuts

    Cooking Oils & Fats

    Sugars (Diabetic & Non-Diabetic)

    Cruciferous, Root & Leaf Vegetables

    Citrus, Berries, Exotic, Stone & Melon Fruit

    Spirits, Liquors, Beer & Wine

    Vitamin D

    Vitamin B-Complex

    Vitamin A, C, E & K


    Calcium & Magnesium (Bone & Teeth Health)

    Biotin, Zinc & Selenium (Hair & Nail Health)

    Omega 3 & 6 (Heart Health)

    DHA, EPA & COQ-10 (Brain Health)

    Metal Toxicity (Skin, Ageing & Complexion)

    Toxicity Level (Detox Requirements)

    Household Product Toxicity Fabric Sensitivity (Skin Health)

    Animal Sensitivity

    Flower, Tree & Shrub Sensitivity

    Results you can understand

    Sent to your device within 72 hours of receiving your sample.

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    Over 8,457 Plus Test Clients

    What our clients say about the Plus Test

    I have been struggling with low energy and have been to my doctors and they do not know why. This test was a game changer - it helped me locate deficiencies in minerals and I was initially doubtful until I gave them a try and supplemented them. Within 2 days I noticed a HUGE difference. I cannot thank AFIL enough.


    So easy, detailed and super fast! Thank you!!!


    Uncanny results. Very helpful. Detailed, easy to understand and meaningful. Got another test started for my husband and will retest on an annual basis to see how I'm doing after adjusting my diet and supplements!


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