Inflammation Test

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Most people think they know if their body is inflamed or not, but the truth is unless you have a test done, it's hard to tell. Internal inflammation affects every part of your body and can cause weight gain, joint pain, frequent infections, and even lower immunity. The problem with inflammation is that many don't realize how much of an impact it has on their health until it's too late.

This Inflammatory Score test will tell you exactly what your level of internal inflammation is based on the number of different biomarkers in your body, with just a simple hair sample that you mail to our lab. 

5 Biomarkers include; digestive system, liver, stomach, kidneys, and joints.

What is tested: 

  • Overall percentage of biomarkers (0 - 100%) 

Find out what level your inflammation is at internally so that you can take actionable steps to decrease it before any further damage occurs, helping you feel better overall.