Primal Test (Food & Drinks)

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Eating out, dieting, or cooking shouldn’t be hard. Sometimes it may feel like hard work to find the right diet to follow which doesn’t cause you to gain weight or feel bloated.

If you have been struggling with your weight, or you feel bloated after every meal, then this test may be for you.

The 12 page Primal test report you will receive is the Level 1 test, which is designed to help you find the right diet suited to you and your body.

Our Level 2 test is the Plus Test and our Level 3 is the Premium Test.

Your hair sample is analyzed by our biotechnology testing device which assesses the compatibility between your body and it's reaction to over 350 foods and drinks.

By taking this test you will become aware of the exact foods and drinks your body may be struggling to digest resulting in an inflammatory response.

Simply removing those foods from your diet as seen on your results can help decrease internal inflammation, which in turn has helped thousands of clients to lose weight and water weight retention.

After you have purchased your test you will need to follow these 3 simple steps to receive your results. 

Step 1: Register your account here.

Step 2: Take your hair sample and mail to our facility. (You will receive full instructions to your device after registration.)

Step 3: Receive your results via email and text message within 72 hours of us receiving your hair sample at our facility and gain access to your member's login.

350+ specific foods and drinks items tested from the following food groups:

Eggs & Meats

Fish & Seafood

Lactose, A-Lactalbumin, B-Lactalbumin

Dairy, Cheeses & Milks




Cereals & Vegan Grains

Seeds & Nuts

Cooking Oils & Fats

Sugars (Diabetic & Non-Diabetic)

Cruciferous, Root, Nightshade & Leaf Vegetables

Citrus, Berries, Exotic, Stone & Melon Fruit

Spirits, Liquors, Beer & Wine

Results you can understand

Sent to your device within 72 hours of receiving your sample.

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What our clients say about the Primal Test

Mailed the hair samples on Monday and got the results on Thursday. Very thorough and informative test. I would recommend this to other.


Didn't take long for my results!! Very easy to read which foods I should be avoiding - so far I have lost 6 lbs in 3 weeks without trying. I've recommended to several of my friends as well!


Great Test. Reasonably priced. Easy registration process. Lost weight in a very short space of time. I feel great! I am really happy I found this. I will be back for the Premium test in a few months!


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