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I sent 10 strands of hair, the lab tested them, and in a couple of days I had a list of foods that have a negative effect on my body. Some foods that I thought were healthy were actually hurting me. I am finally starting to lose weight by avoiding these foods!


One of the best food intolerance tests I have seen for such a great price! The results were returned very quickly and professionally. I recommend this test to anyone interested in their health and foods that do not agree with their body.


Very prompt response! The information I received about my body was very helpful. I learned a lot! They continue to support you with their members login portal and I found out some things I already knew and some things I didn't. Highly recommend.


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Cellular Biotechnology

We use the Quantum Cellular Biotechnology device to analyze the the body's electromagnetic waves from just 10 strands of your hair, offering a robust and early detection of intolerances, imbalances, and deficiencies at cellular level.

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